High Heels and Two Wheels – right here in Charleston

It’s embarrassing to admit that we didn’t know about this blog until today.  We know the person, have met her several times, follow her on Twitter, even saw her loading up her bike at the grocery store the other day.

But had not read her blog.  Shame shame.

So here’s a shout out to a brave and beautiful woman, who gave up her car in favor of the bike, who rides with style and grace, and is pretty funny too.  Read her blog now.  High Heels and Two Wheels.

Erin, will you be our new mascot?  Pretty please?

Here’s a pic of her courtesy of MNN

Charleston Springtime Cool

The men are just killin’ it lately in the Charleston Cycle Chic-dom.  Check out Mr. Gidick in this photo provided by Hunter McRae on a bicycle provided by our very own Affordabike.  It’s the perfect combo of Charleston new and Charleston old and classy style all the way around.

P.S. We are loving those Biria bikes.  Ladies and gents, find yourself one.

Man about Town

We caught this gent out and about the other day, and wanted to give him a shout out for lookin’ so fine, on so chic a ride outfitted for the work-a-day.  Stephan, we love your style, and particularly your springtime orange tie.

Bicycle. Charleston. Happy.

For the new year Charleston Cycle Chic decided to have fun with Picnik.  This is our statement for 2011.  Do ya feel it? :)

A Bicycle Built for Two

Cycle Chic isn’t always about pretty bikes and pretty people.  Cycle Chic is about being on a bicycle, connecting with your environment, moving your body and joy.  Now doesn’t this photo represent all of that?  We’ve seen this parti-colored tandem bike around town, but only met it in person last Saturday during a Lowcountry Local First urban garden agricultural bicycle tour.   The little boy is CJ the Master Gardener, and he was more than happy to show us his lemon verbena, mint, rosemary and tomatoes. Love it.

Mom and Daughter Cycle Chic – matching bikes!

I was lucky enough to catch this adorable twosome on a bike ride yesterday.  Check out their matching bikes and baskets with Betty Basket Liners.

Yes, Utility and Creativity are in fact, Cycle Chic

I know that most of you out there thinking about Cycle Chic might assume that expensive bikes with expensive clothes makes Cycle Chic go round.  But if you’ve been reading up, you know that this Cycle Chic-er loves all things that show a zest for life, so I had to include what you see below….

This picture was sent in to me by a reader, and let me tell you, I love it.  It’s old school, new school and being-one-with-nature-school all in one.   This is his ‘fishing bike’ and he and his 7-yr old daughter like to ride to the shore of the Wando river and try to catch anything they can.

Lowcountry Livin'

Ladies and Gents, you don’t have to buy a fancy basket to get things done.  Get creative in the spur of the moment.  Try a tomato box strapped to the back if you can’t hold on to all your organic farmer’s market supplies.   Or rummage up an old Coke Bottle container like this gentleman did to hold your fresh caught dinner as you ride back home smiling with your kids and feel good about being alive.

Beach Chic Bike

A reader of Charleston Cycle Chic sent this beautiful photo in of her beach bike!  I love the story behind this – her husband pulled it from the neighbors trash and fixed it up for her!   It goes to show you with just a little ‘umph’ you can turn someone else’s throw away into your very own little gem.  Check out all the daisies…Did you know they are a symbol of childhood innocence?  Perfect.

beach bike

Seen around Town – Vintage Glamour & a Turquoise Dream

The Cycle Chic ladies are out in force.  It seems like every day I see more and more loveliness on the streets of Charleston.  Check out the latest additions to ‘Seen around Town’ – they are the object of my envy and admiration!

I do admit – I covet this woman’s sparkling handlebar streamers.  Once, many moons ago, I owned a blue and white banana seat bike, with matching streamers that rustled in the wind.  The love of them has stayed with me since, and I am thinking that perhaps they should become the new hot accessory – like earrings or a belt?  There is something so joyful about them!  I caught her pulling up to a party, dressed-to-the-nines (no spandex in sight!).  Perfect example of Charleston Cycle Chic don’t you think?

Bobbi Jean Dulcie Fitzharris with her 1960 Flightliner - Wow!

Bobbi Jean Dulcie Fitzharris with her 1960 Flightliner - Wow!

As I was riding down King St one day, from a distance this delighful turquoise and white creation caught my eye and I screeched to a halt with my handy iPhone camera in hand.  This is what I like to see – shopping on King St with your best friend by your side, especially when she is sporting impeccable whitewall tires.  I heart whitewalls!

Kathleen Stewart with the vivacious Pearlanne

Kathleen Stewart with the vivacious Pearlanne

Mmmm…Bikes are like Dessert

Everytime I see a fabulous bike, I actually start salivating.  I feel a yearning inside of me coupled with an “I want to have it all” kind of feeling.  (Can anyone relate to this or am I just weird?)

It reminds me of how I feel about dessert.  Oh glorious dessert.

So here is a small selection of bikes that caused my salivary glands to spring into action.  I love them all for different reasons – but mostly because they are reminiscent of some of my favorite things.

This first one is a bit hard to see, but if you look closely it’s worth it.  Check out the liquid chocolate color and the beautiful green.  This bike made me think of a Creme de Menthe Brownie.

Creme de Menthe

Creme de Menthe

This next one screams summer time fun to me and makes me want to have an Orange Creamsicle.  She’s available to be had at the Charleston Bicycle Company on East Bay St.  Say Hi to Jana!

Orange Creamsicle

Orange Creamsicle

This next little angel is just so pure.  I’ve always been attracted to the all-white bike – it seems so sophisticated and of course, it goes with everything.  Yes – my first thoughts when I saw her were Marshmallow Fluff, or even a light and fluffy Meringue.  Delightful.

Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallow Fluff

So does your bike remind you of dessert?  Send a picture in!  I know someone out there has a Dulce de Leche or a Raspberry Sorbet….


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